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Do You Need an Essay Helper?

Whether you are a high school, college, university or even graduate school student, your ability to write an essay will be a significant factor in your success.

Writing skills are the backbone of virtually all academic success, and yet, effective essay writing skills are rare among students at all levels.

I have taught English at the high school and at the university level, and I have seen how students at these levels struggle with essay assignments.

It is not unusual for students to need an Essay Helper – when they have an essay assignment, and I encourage students to seek the help they need, as teachers instructors and professors simply do not have the time to help students develop wiring skills.

That is what I do as an Essay Tutor – I help students develop the skills they need to write compelling essays.

If you have found your way to this website by searching online for an Essay Helper or Essay Tutor, let me take a moment to explain how I can help you.


What Kind of Essay Writing Help Can You Get From an Essay Tutor?

Because writing an essay – or, at least, a good essay – is difficult, a lot of time and effort at both the high school and university levels goes into providing students with templates to make it easier for them to structure their essay.

When I taught high school English, I used to teach my Grade 11 students a five-paragraph structure for an essay, with the first paragraph as the introduction, the last paragraph the conclusion and three supporting paragraphs in between.

I was never a fan of that structure but I didn’t have much of a choice at that point as that was the approach to essay-writing that the Department Head had chosen, and it did serve to provide students with a way of organizing their thoughts.

It also made for a lot of boring, “cookie-cutter” essays, which had nothing to recommend them other than their adherence to a strict structure.

What it didn’t do, of course, was help students come up with original thoughts-  and original thoughts are needed to get high marks on essays.

I bring up the issue of structure because often when students contact me for essay-writing help, they will have a structure or template that they have been given by their teacher or instructor, and if that is the case, then I always adhere to that structure when working with the student because some teachers can be real sticklers for structure.

But the phe point that I wish to make is that good essay writing is not about the number of paragraphs or the number of sentences in each paragraph – those are like the”training wheels” on a bicycle.

If you need them to avoid toppling over then, by all means, use them, but your goal should be to get rid of them as soon as possible.

If Good Essay Writing Isn’t About Structure, What Is it About?

In addition to tutoring students with their academic essays, I also help students prepare for the SAT – a scholastic aptitude test which is required by many post-secondary institutions.

One of the components of the SAT is an essay – which needs to be written from start to finish in 25 minutes – and the developers of the SAT are very clear about the qualities that they are looking for in the essay assignment.

The SAT Essay Scoring Guide provides a very useful guide for students at all levels, in my view, as to what a good essay should sound like. Below are the features or qualities that you need to build into your essay – again, at virtually any academic level – to receive a high mark:

  • clear and consistent mastery
  • effective and “insightfu” development of a point of view and demonstration of outstanding critical thinking, as well as the use of clearly appropriate examples, reasons and other evidence to support that point of view
  • a clear sense of organization and focus, demonstrating coherence and a smooth progression of ideas
  • the skillful use of language, using a varied, accurate and apt vocabulary
  • meaningful variety in sentence structure
  • absence of errors in grammar, usage and mechanics

Once again, just so you are clear – the six characteristics listed above are the features that the College Board – the developers of the SAT  – have deemed to be necessary ingredients for an essay to receive the highest score on the SAT – and we are talking about an essay that has to be written “start-to-finish” in 25 minutes!

How many SAT essays demonstrate all of the characteristics listed above?

I don’t know – but I would guess that very, very few.

However – if you have an essay assignment for which you have weeks to prepare – you have NO EXCUSE for submitting an essay that does not live up to these standards.

And that is what an Essay Helper or Essay Tutor like me can help you with.


Good Essay Writing is Good Essay Writing at Any Level

With the list cited above, you should have no uncertainty as to what a good constitutes a good essay.

And while the expectations of a graduate student in the Department of English may be somewhat different than for a high school student, the characteristics of good writing are surprisingly consistent.

I have read essays by high school students that were superb because they demonstrated the very characteristics cited above.

If you stick to this list, you cannot go wrong.



Contact Me If You Are Serious About Getting Good Grades

I can help you with all aspects of essay writing – and at all stages of the process.

Many students contact me when they have already written a draft of their essay and need someone to proofread it.

I can do that and am happy to do so.

But the best time to contact me is when you are still in the process of formulating your point of view.

That is the stage at which an Essay Tutor like me can make the biggest difference.

If you wish to work with me, contact me anytime via:


Telephone: 416-519-4427


Email: astransman@rogers.com


Skype: AlanStransman


I look forward to connecting with you soon!








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